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::Deema Of Babel::

A Bakhoor incense only for those wanting to be hit with hedonistic rapture!

This incredibly potent incense is for those wanting to invoke the Divine Feminine into their lives.
This can be used for constructive spell work- those that are wanting to attract or desire something into their lives or simply invoke the power of the Divine Feminine/Goddess.

It is so pungent only the smallest amount is needed. It is a very floral blend to enhance your attracting desires. It is hard to walk past this without getting knock out by the smell. Without even burning it, it lingers through your home or space.

It can be burned on an electric incense burner, on coal pellets, or heating beads.

Please use sparingly as this is very pungent and will burn for over 30 mins.

Not for the faint of heart!
28gm 1 Oz Pouch

::Deema Of Babel:: Incense/Bakhoor Invoking Love

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