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I just had a reading with the lovely Andulairah OfEarth and being my first reading EVER with any clairvoyant! I have been following her via her youtube for years since the beginning of her channel. I always felt she was a genuine spirit, and fascinating at the same time. As most, I was skeptical at first (regarding readings), but she is so genuine and real. She said many things, that left me with chills. She is a wonderful soul with a pure heart, she did not watch the clock or try to rush. It was definitely an experience I would do again! Thank you so much Andulairah!

Linah Tornieri

What an experience... I somewhat had an expectation in mind of how it was going to go, but oh my was my expectation far from the outcome. Andulairah is truly talented, she makes you feel comfortable - because of course your bound to be nervous when a stranger is tapping into your energy field and telling you about yourself- but with Andulairah it's like talking to a close friend who gives you beautiful insights into what's to come and what you need to do now. She's put my mind to rest, empowered me with her vivid and spot on Intuition, she has a loveable and truly special soul, I feel like I've been reborn with endless Inspiration in my path - Andulairah has put me back on my path and given me words of wisdom on how to walk it with confidence and not tumble off it again. It was truly magical and extremly accurate, i often found myself blown away and lost for words at her shocking accuracy. Everyone needs an Andulairah in their life, and I will undoubtly continue to have future readings with her!

Melissa Hopkins

Andulairah is so amazing in what she does she will guide you in ways you wouldn't imagine- such unbelievable soul she is- told me my past life; my family history, my auras and info on my spirit guides~ but most of all you can trust this lady with your soul's deepest issue. She'll will make you feel so amazing, upbeat, happy and reassured that you have someone to help you in your path. Are her prices such a value for what you get back in return ? Without a doubt !! Thank you andulairah you are such a wonderful lady xx


Theresa L. 


Andulairah is a genuine healer and person. She made me feel at ease just by listening to me and it was as if I was catching up with an old friend. Andulairah tuned into my energy and elaborated on everything I had been feeling worried about. From my relationships to others to my own personal relationship with myself. Andulairah told me about my aura, my energy fields, what she saw for me in the future, and was even able to pinpoint where a physical pain was coming from just by reading my aura. Andulairah is relaxed with her readings and makes you feel fully listened to and cared for. I will always appreciate the reading I had with her and would not hesitate to schedule another one. Thank you for everything, Andulairah. You are truly amazing at what you do. 


Amber H.


For those of you that may be somewhat skeptical of psychic abilities, I was vague in the question I had sent into Andulairah but she was able to give me details about the situation that I had never even told her of. She's the real deal, people!


I will say that I've kept up with Andulairah and her videos on YouTube for the past 6 years. Along my spiritual journey through life thus far I've come across many different souls and their truths but there is something very special about Andulairah to me. Many of the other people that I had been receiving guidance and spiritual information from before have fallen out of resonance with me in some way or another over the years but Andulairah has stayed in my heart as her message is the most simple yet profound thing that any human being could ever wish to accomplish in this life, and that is to follow one's own heart. Through her videos I can see that Andulairah is a truly authentic example of someone following their own heart. From traveling the world by train to getting inked in Asia and talking about gardening and natural living, Andulairah's spirit has never ceased to amaze me in its fearlessness and light. She is gentle yet a spiritual force to be reckoned with at the same time and she brings that into everything she does, including her readings. I'm a very shy person so it was only recently that I decided to get in touch with Andulairah about setting up an oracle card reading with her. As I was pondering who I should go to for a reading I realized that Andulairah was the person I resonated most with and truly felt like I could trust. At a very pivotal time in my life she validated all of my experiences thus far on my journey. Doubt and fear had started to creep in again and she shed light back onto it to transform it into confidence in myself and my path once again. She is truly an embodiment of an avatar, a bridge between the worlds, as she fully embraces both humanity's cosmic and Earthly origins. Thank you so much for everything you do, sweet Andulairah. The seeds of truth that you planted in my mind many years ago saved me and helped to pull me out of a very negative situation last year and has put me on the path to following my bliss once again. Much love, beautiful soul <3 :)


Craig S.


My reading with Andulairah was an unforgettable experience. I have learnt some amazing things about myself including a particular past life, one which truly resonates with how I've felt for many years. I feel like I've finally learnt who I am and why I am the way I am. Andulairah was spot on with my current situation and has given me the direction and confidence to let go of my fears and trust in the universe. Andulairah is not only an amazing psychic but also a great counsellor, offering practical and spiritual guidance. I've always had complete faith in Andulairah, and there isn't anyone I'd rather go to for a reading, but I was amazed to receive such specific messages that related to my own personal experiences, visions and dreams. I think we were both amazed by the revelations that came to light! Andulairah has such a loving and warm energy and although I was initially nervous, she was very comforting and reassuring. She is real, sincere and relatable and a truly beautiful soul. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Andulairah!



Akaya .N.

Andulairah is an amazing psychic, clairvoyant, and, she didn't describe herself that way but, incredible healer! 

I contacted her because I had a couple of "questions of life". I have been experiencing a big big shift in my life and it was too much in a way, I felt like I was lost and also started to be anxious about the unknown, namely "future". I took a few chances to have readings by the people who I came across with in my life to find even fragments of information that were available to me that moment.. Among the powerful psychics and channellers etc. that I experienced so far, Andulairah's was unique and, I would say, mysterious one. She doesn't categorise what she does, probably clairvoyant only, but I think it was much more than just clairvoyance. 

There were many small and a few BIG "goosebump moments". I felt rather scary in the end (in a good way) with what she was actually picking up from whatever she was receiving. It was just right on or something that I totally resonate with. The reading was more of confirmation of what I was thinking of, without a clue.


After her reading, I felt somehow healed although healing wasn't what she was offering ostensibly. I started to feel more comfortable with walking into huge unknown, trusting future more. I have to say that it was very difficult for me to come to this state of beingness even when other psychics and spiritual teachers were telling me to be so.. but it happened naturally this time. I felt my soul was uplifted, started to feel lighter and became optimistic about the journey of my soul. Andulairah, I know now why my departure to Bali was postponed.. This is the state that I needed to be to begin my real soul journey..


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Andulairah, you helped me to light my true path. And, you have a beautiful soul!


Steffy .M.

I received a reading from Andulairah and I can say with utmost honesty and respect that I have never been so blown away by something that I have heard. She connected with my guides and I instantly had the answers to my questions before I even asked them. She brought me such clarity and peace and I now move forward in my life without fear of the future. Andulairah brought perspective into my life and was so ridiculously accurate that there is no question in my mind that she is not only talented, but definitely connected to a higher realm. She has an incredible gift to see into people's souls and be able to tell them details about themselves and their lives that would have otherwise been left unknown. She gave me goosebumps with things that she could not have otherwise known! I am astounded with everything that she told me and am unspeakably grateful for having had the opportunity to allow her to read me. From the bottom of my heart and the core of my soul, I thank her for her time, wisdom, and especially for the gift she shared with me. 



I found Andulairah on YouTube and was very impressed by her videos.  They are very informative and I learned a lot plus she is funny and has a sense of humor I like.  I looked at her website and decided to try the (3) card reading and was very impressed by her accuracy.  She captured my personality immediately and was spot on about how I help out the younger staff at my job and how the upper management value me as an excellent and hard worker.  She also was accurate about me liking my job but could see I need a change which I do.  She truly is very gifted and I never had anyone be this accurate and this detailed before. She has a true gift and is a wonderful spirit.


WOW! Thank you so much !  Everything you said Is 100 % 
Sending you much love and thanks!
Bless you x  the reading has be so helpful it has lifted my mood already. 
You picked up on my neck and shoulders and I have recently managed to create ezcema there as well as stiffness and tension.
  I will read the reading often because there is so much in it. Thank you again I am blown away!


Thank you, Andulairah, is not enough to express my appreciation and gratitude  for your help in getting the answers and guidance I was looking for. You kept on surprising me in the accuracy of the details about my past and present. You just simply shocked me with the information about me, including health issues, places I was living and so on- there is no way you could know, unless you are a true seer!

I strongly recommend your spiritual guidance to anyone who seeks the truth. 

Thank you so much, blessings and love to you, beautiful soul!


First Ever Reading, But Definitely Not My Last. Whilst always having beliefs and feelings that there are so many more possibilities and things at play throughout the world and universe that largely go unnoticed by present day observations and attitudes, and that there are people with uncanny gifts that can tap into the bigger picture and aid/guide others with their findings, I’ve largely been hesitant and reluctant to contact and request readings from clairvoyants and oracles. This uncertainty stemmed from researching and watching videos on various mediums and with each one, feeling somewhat confused and lost by the ways in which that they communicated and relayed information; though I did not question their legitimacy and skill, to me, they all felt to be too far gone into the esoteric and beyond, that they had to a degree, lost touch with what it was to live in the general human experience. I truly wished that I could relate to them more, but in their examples of readings and teachings, the words would just pass over my head. My absolute feeling, is that Andulairah has found the sweet spot, a perfect balance between the reality of Earth and the infinite capabilities and prospects of the universe and it’s forces. To sum up the 90 minutes that we spent talking to each other, it was like hanging out with a long-term, compassionate and fun buddy who knows gives the best life advice. Right from the first ten seconds, the atmosphere was light-hearted and easy. Her talent to unearth huge clusters of information with little or no starting point at all, blew my mind and continued to do so with every faultless demonstration of her power and knowledge. It was kind of hilarious that there were multiple moments where I think that she even blew herself away with how keen and accurate some details were flooding to her. She even also convinced, encouraged and empowered me with conformations and revealings of understandings and abilities within me; never again will I doubt my intuition as anything short of powerful tool and compass. In a way, I was slightly sad when the session came to an end, I feel like I could have spoken to her for days. However, her ability to quickly put one in a place of such ease, awe, exhilaration and good-humour, are one’s that I know will keep me continually returning to her warm counsel for as long as she offers these exceptional services.

Iris .P.

I recently had a reading by Andulairah. Before speaking with her I was nervous because when it comes to matters of the heart, it can be emotionally stressful and who doesn't want to hear positive things about the one they love. It ended up that I didn't have to be nervous. She was nice, calming, none judgement and respectful.  Much of what she said rang true to me. So, I will diffidently get another reading in the near future.

Thanks again Andulairah and best wishes to those of you reading this review.



I want to thank you for my amazing reading! i've spoken to many psychics before but u are one of the best i've spoken to. you made me feel extremely loved and appreciated. I have always felt I poured my heart out and no one could see me for who I am. i am so happy you were able to connect with my grandma and hear what she felt before she died. That was one of the biggest gifts you could have given me! Me and my grandma shared the same birthday and that's why we were so close. And all the other advice u gave was great with my career and relationships. i feel more special because of you and i will always apreciate that.

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